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In the United Kingdom it is the Office of Communications (OFCOM) who award broadcasting licences, and organisations applying for licences face some tough pre-conditions. OFCOM are very clear that groups applying for Community Radio Service (CRS) licences shall be “not-for profit” organisations and that any profit generated may not – for example – be given to shareholders or reward the people running the service. Such profit or surplus must be used to secure or improve the future provision of the radio service, or for delivering social gain / community benefits to the station’s target community.


In addition to restrictions on the ownership of commercial and community radio stations, they also stipulate than no one company or organisation can hold more than one community licence. Finally, whilst advertising is permitted, it cannot generate anymore than 50% of the station’s overall income. In part these restrictions are intended to make CRS less attractive to big business radio groups who today own most of Britain’s radio stations and who, in acquiring them often from initially local ownership, have in many cases removed much of their originally local identity.

Firstly, and most importantly, HARBOUR RADIO IS “NON FOR PROFIT” and our aim is to encourage social gain within the area. In addition to entertaining and informing, the intention is to reflect the interests and needs of our audience. To that end diversity, cultural programming and a blend of local interest talk and music – much of the latter directly requested by our listenership – is all very much a part of the plan.As a ‘community radio station’ and 100% voluntary project our aim is not to “talk at” the listener but to create direct links with our listeners thereby becoming an integral part of the local community. Finally, as a ‘social enterprise’, part of our remit is also to offer training and support to local people interested in acquiring new skills and the knowledge associated with the set up and future running of a radio station.Feedback from our first Restricted Service Licence (RSL) broadcast in January 2014 has shown that listeners appreciate the unique nature of the service, our local content and presenters (and their individual, occasionally quirky, personailities!), the banter between presenters, the wide – unpredictable – variety of music and the fact that we are approachable and not commercially playlist driven.
Even though we are presently off-air our team of volunteers are tirelessly working toward getting Harbour Radio on-air and on a permanent basis. We continue to seek volunteers who are local to the area and who can offer a variety of skills – be it local commercial or hospital radio presentational experience, radio production skills or support abilities such as admin, sales or business management – that will help us establish ourselves.In the short to medium term our objective is to demonstrate to the local community and, ultimately, to OFCOM the need for a Community Radio Station in Great Yarmouth, and to prove that we can fulfill our obligations under the terms of the licence, before applying for a full 5 year licence to broadcast.Income comes from various sources including sponsorship, grants, donations and, of course, advertising. As a not for profit organisation you can be rest assured every penny raised goes directly toward putting the service on-air and to keeping it there.Ultimately, non of this will be possible without funding and, at this stage of the project, we are keen to attract advertising and sponsorship from local businesses whose contributions are mutual in terms of supporting the project and being given the opportunity to attract new business through on air advertising.We fully appreciate a large degree of goodwill is expected by us although we believe that we have the potential to reach at least 15,000 listeners during the trial period alone.

If you or your business are interested in supporting us, you can message us from our Facebook page (which will also provide you with the very latest information) or contact the station by e-mail.

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